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Past Productions

Past Productions as              Starlite Theatre Company

1995: Children of Winter

1996: A Little Fall of Rain

1997: Voices For Christmas

1997: A Ring of Roses

1998: Seize the Day

1999: No Matter What

2000: Now Thats What I Call a Song

2002: This is Our Moment

2003: Journey of a Lifetime

2003: In the Arms of a Stranger

2004: Les Miserables

2004: Blood Brothers

2005: Swing to the West End

2006: Les Miserables

2007: If Life Was a Musical

2007: Blood Brothers

2008: Jekyll & Hyde

2008: Swing to the Movies & Musicals

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Past Productions as              React Theatre Company

children new in the arms little voices ring seize no matter now thats joyrney moment LesMis Cov